We’re dedicated to driving a clean transport future for a thriving planet.

Emissions from internal combustion engine vehicles are damaging the health of our communities and choking our environment. Motion Energy was born of the belief that cleaner transport solutions are a must for communities and for our planet. Our mission is to drive greater uptake and optimisation of zero emissions vehicles. Fuelled by our passion for a cleaner future, we’re helping people and organisations realise the complete economic and environmental value of electric vehicles and associated infrastructure.

The way we see it is simple: because humans are the cause we can also be the solution. Keeping us on track are our three values — core beliefs that underpin all that we do.

We’re in this together.

Collaborating with our partners and industry, we’re committed to helping our communities flourish and thrive.

We’re driven by a
better way.

Whether it’s smarter technology or simply a smarter idea, we’re champions of change that leads to cleaner air — forever.

We’re responsible
for our planet.

The future of the world around us depends on our ability to take meaningful action and return our environment to full health.